Join Sofia on her Lucha Libre Adventure!

The Eliminador10-year old Sofia dreams of being a Lucha Libre Champion, like her father before her. However a disapproving mother and overprotective father stand in the way of her plans. So Sofia sets off on a journey that takes her all over the city in an attempt to make her dreams come true. Join her adventure as she encounters a colorful cast of characters and learns how fulfilling helping others can be. Shot over 5 weekends in the winter/spring of 2015 in Los Angeles, "The Eliminadora" was a labor of love for all involved.

The Eliminador

Director Statement

"The Eliminadora is my eighth completed independent short film. It was an incredible experience. Making this movie with the Renterias and so many other folks has been a real joy. It was super awesome to have WWF superstar Tito Santana in our movie. When he spoke directly to the camera for the credits I got goosebumps and immediately was transformed into a 10 year old kid again. I hope you have as much fun watching it as we had making it."